MLB The Show™ 18 MVP Edition PS4


MLB The Show™ 18 MVP Edition PS4


Enjoy the thrill of playing in the big leagues with MLB The Show 18 MVP Edition for PS4, which features exclusive content along with the full game. Featuring authentic stadiums from the past to the present, this classic game lets you build a major-league career. Extra content in MLB The Show 18 MVP Edition includes a limited edition Steel Book, sponsor pack and 10 standard packs.

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The following in-game DLC items are included: a mission starter for a gold player, 5,000 stubs, a sponsor pack, classic stadium, 10 standard packs, 30 MLB PS4 themes

Create your own player and rise up from the minor leagues to The Show using an all-new skill progression system to balance short-term focuses, emergent team opportunities, and career defining long-term goals

From Babe Ruth to Ken Griffey, Jr. to Aaron Judge, build and field your ultimate roster from 2,000+ current players, all-stars and baseball legends in Diamond Dynasty

Streamlined features let you create quick and satisfying gameplay experiences that give you more of your favorite parts of baseball and less of what you don’t want

3-inning games, Quick Counts, Retro Mode, Critical Situations and Manager Mode give you quicker ways to get your baseball excitement fix

Don’t lose any progress from your copy of The Show 17. Saves in Road to The Show and Franchise will carry over to The Show 18, so play without worry of losing your hard-won progress and the stories you’ve created along the way

For one to four players offline, and one to two players online*

*Active PlayStation Plus membership is required

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