Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition PS4


Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition PS4


Test your puzzle-solving skills in Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition for the PlayStation 4. Playing to complete more than 66 levels keeps you entertained for hours as you’re pitted against the Vokh for the fate of the universe. Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition combines the best of two classic modes for an unforgettable adventure.
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This Critical Mass Edition includes the PS4 game plus all the available DLC expansions. Dual Core has ten levels, Critical Urgency has six more levels, and Daily Sprint is one random level per day

The exclusive making-of documentary is produced by Badland Games and Picture Book Films

Round out the edition with the official soundtrack CD by Joris de Man and an exclusive Studio Booklet focusing on the inspirations behind the creation of the game

Velocity 2X is a sci-fi platformer and shoot-’em-up all-in-one adventure

This critically acclaimed sequel to Velocity Ultra weaves together two classic game formats into one seamless adventure, featuring puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning top-down shoot-’em-up gameplay

Use the Quarp Drive teleport to outsmart the evil Vokh in race-tuned space combat, then dock your ship, jump out and continue the fight on foot

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