Venture Run Set #2 LEGO Marble Run 3D Printed


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Venture Run Set #2 LEGO Marble Run 3D Printed


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Venture Run #2 LEGO compatible Marble Run

It’s a custom 3D printed marble coaster compatible with LEGO blocks. These track are made from PLA plastic which is biodegradable and non-toxic. This is an 24 piece, coaster-style set. There are no LEGO included. You supply your own LEGO to make custom supports, platforms, mountains, tunnels or structures to weave in and out of. Create multiple entry points, short races, or go solo with a long winding run. You can build a layout off of a LEGO baseplate, or set up your groundwork using individual blocks. The possibilities are endless! These modular pieces snap together with all types of LEGO blocks, though it is important to understand that, unlike actual LEGO, this set is not produced on a professional, dedicated injection molding machine used in LEGO manufacturing. The parts fit together quite nicely with LEGO with very minor degrees of tightness. These plastic track segments are quite durable, however, it’s not recommend  very young children, especially those who are rough on toys as some parts are susceptible to damage. This set was designed for those who enjoy experimenting with physics,  love marble runs, roller coasters and of course, LEGO! Especially recommend to creative adults and cool nerdy parents.  Marble runs are always fun to build and watch, no matter what age!

Uses standard sized common glass marbles (not included). This set contains the following pieces:

  • 6  Straight Track
  • 6  Curved Track
  • 2 Big Hill
  • 4 Gentle Slopes
  • 2 Curved Slope
  • 1 Roundabout
  • 1 Flip Door Drop
  • 1 Lane Merger
  • 1 Golden Finish

This is a stand alone set, not compatible with other track.LEGO blocks, LEGO decorations, marbles and base plate are not included.

Printed parts may have minor cosmetic imperfections which is common with this technology. This does not effect its functionality.

Individual pieces are tested before packed.

Ships USPS First Class Mail. US or International to select countries

Ships within 24 hours after payment.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

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