For shipments out of the US, we use FedEx International and USPS First-Class Mail.  Both choices will be available during checkout.  FedEx is the must faster choice for shipping and detailed tracking, while USPS First Class packages are less likely to get clobbered by taxes/duties (VAT).


Fedex International shipments usually take anywhere from 2-5 business days, depending on your country.  Customs in your country can delay packages for further inspection. FedEx offers detailed tracking information which you receive at the time your order ships.

USPS First Class International  can takes 7-21 days. USPS First Class uses label numbers, which do not offer day to day tracking. You will be sent the label number for your parcel. The label number usually shows when your parcel left the United states,  and when it arrives in your country.

USPS First Class Within the United States is the best choice for a single product, as it features the lowest price, and shipping time takes between 1-4 business days.

USPS Priority Mail Within the United States is a reliable service which takes 1-3 business days. A good choice for a group of games as the post office’s  flat rate package allows for greater weight. Priority Mail flat rate packages are shipping in protective bubble letter packs or small boxes. It depends on the product’s dimensions.


Shipping is usually within 1-2 business days, though products can sell out any any time, and may need an extra day or two for restock. Multiple pieces in one order will not be shipped until the order is complete. We do not ship orders separately, unless you place orders separately. If you place a pre-order, mixed with products that are already available, we will hold your items until the pre-order is released.   Tronix will contact you if  there are any sudden order delays.

International Customs and VAT

International orders are generally subject to local import duties and taxes (VAT). Tronix is not responsible for, nor can we offer, any specific advice regarding any customs related fees that you may incur. For specific information, please consult with your local government import office. Tronix does not accept returns due to non-payment of duties and taxes to your customs officials. Failure to pay would result in customs destroying your parcel and there are no refunds on products shipped out of the US.



In this day and age it is super rare to receive a defective game, however, if it turns out, your new game arrives defective, you must return it for a replacement within 7 days.  There are no refunds or exchanges for a different product, unless the original item can no longer be obtained.  Please contact sales at tronixweb.com to report your issue before attempting to send it the item back.

Defective items must be shipped to:

77 Seventh Avenue, #17V
New York, NY 10011

Our video games are NTSC (U.S.) versions and are meant to play only on an NTSC video game system. We do not sell PAL (European) video games.  If you are importing a US game to your country, please make sure your system is compatible with US software, as there are no refunds or exchanges due to incompatibility. Many games these days are Region Free, though we are unable to provide information on which games support this feature.

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